Dan delivers the Penguin Annual Lecture

Dan was the keynote speaker at this year’s Penguin Annual Lecture in New Delhi and Mumbai. This was the first time in the lecture’s history that the event has been organized in two cities. Dan’s talk focused on codes, science, and religion and was greeted by an overwhelmingly welcoming reception.

The Times of India wrote, “When Dan Brown walked on stage, everyone in the Siri Fort auditorium here stood up cheering and clapping with a gusto that might have made him feel more like Hollywood star Tom Hanks who played the protagonist in the film based on his best-selling novel ‘The Da Vinci Code’.

The 50-year-old American author admitted that he was moved by the generous welcome but much like Robert Langdon, the character Hanks played, was cool and methodical while delivering Penguin’s Annual Lecture 2014 on Monday.”

“When asked if he in any way resembled Langdon, he said, ‘Langdon is the man I wish I could be. But he is braver and more intelligent.'”

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