Time Magazine dubs Dan “The Master of Misdirection”


In their 2013 Special Edition on Secret Societies (Decoding the Myths and Facts of History’s Most Mysterious Organizations), Time Magazine dedicates 28 pages to Robert Langdon and the secret societies that influence his world.

“In illuminating detail, the editors of “Time” illustrate the history and background of the most secretive and obscure organizations…Readers who enjoyed The Da Vinci Code and The Lost Symbol and Inferno want to know, are Dan Brown’s novels rooted in reality or are they primarily fiction? Books on this subject have been flying off the shelves to help readers demystify the secrets and legends of these organizations. In Time’s book ‘Secret Societies’, the editors will train a spotlight on the underground groups of Brown’s novels and many more, separating fact from fiction and rumour from reality, revealing the most fascinating and influential secret organizations in history.”